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Organisational Growth

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Economics evolve, business imperatives vary, technologies come and go, but people remain the common denominator through all these changes.

Human Resources Strategy development and alignment

Often the connection between the human resource function and the organisation is vague and ambiguous. By implementing strategies to align the two Human Resource practitioners can add value to the bottom line by reducing staff turnover and managing the intellectual capital.

HR Audits, compliance and risk management

Often the HR function in any organisation is so overwhelmed by the day to day activities that sight is lost of the requirements from regulatory bodies. An HR Audit is an in-depth review of Human Resources policies and practices. It looks for the legal "must-haves" to ensure that a company is compliant under legislative and regulatory respects. In addition, it looks for good business practices.


Culture is a prevailing ingredient of an organisation's success as it is the platform for profit, productivity and progress. If an organization is not perceived to be have the “right culture” all of the elements mentioned are impacted. However, if an organisation is seen to be an “Employer of choice”, “The place to be” success is eminent. This practice provides leading-edge organizational assessment diagnostic and culture change services to assess and enhance the existing culture. For a list of the type of diagnostics that can be provided, please contact us at Growth360.

Change Management

Any change (technological, procedural or cultural) involves the movement from a current state to a future, different, and hopefully improved state. Organisational change involves not only the structures, processes, systems, policies of the organisation , but also and most importantly, the people within the organisation .
By introducing change management to organisational changes, the transition between the current and future states is likely to be less disruptive therefore limiting “injuries”.
It is recognised that change is situational in nature and an approach that may work within one organisation may be entirely unsuitable for another. In light of this, a partnering approach with clients is adopted in order to enable the development and implementation of a tailor-made change management approach.
At Growth 360 we believe that Change Management goes under the waterline to address parts of the invisible iceberg in order to address the “other than conscious mind”.
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Our approach is based on the premise that change management is a recurring, long term intervention. Therefore we are committed to bringing the right mix of knowledge, people and experience to support any assignment. Our team is comprised of PROSCI certified change specialists, who will work shoulder-to-shoulder with client employees to form one cohesive, integrated team dedicated to the success of assignments. The consulting style of our people one built on the foundation of cooperative teamwork, commitment to quality, trust and respect.
Our change management services range from:

Change Management Programme and Project Support

We use an established, customisable method and toolset to facilitate the realisation of the program or project business case.
  • Vision and case for change
  • Sponsorship coalition
  • Leadership consensus to lead the change with shared expectations
  • Stakeholder identification and engagement plans
  • Communication strategy, planning, and execution
  • People impacts identification and management
  • Change management tracking dashboard
  • Process and role clarification
  • Training strategy and plan
  • Embedding (adoption and stabilisation) strategy and plan

Change Management Capability Enablement

We have the skills and ability to enable internal Change Management capability for our clients.
  • Customised change management framework, method, and toolset enabled on appropriate technology platform
  • Adoption and stabilisation of aligned application of method and toolset
  • Governance processes, structures, and roles / responsibilities
  • Metrics to track people impacts across programs and projects
  • People impacts as a key influencer of project portfolio decision-making
  • Communication governance across all programs and projects
  • Change management metrics and tracking integrated with program / project reporting
  • Equipped internal change management resources

Change Management placement

We have a team of experienced change consultants who can work together with you in any organisational, system or transformational change to ensure that your vision is achieved with maximum impact!

Change Management Training

Growth 360 has developed and accredited a comprehensive 2 day change management course that will ensure that HR professionals, Change practitioners, line managers and supervisors understand the basics of change management theory and practical application. This training can be altered to suit your time constraints and business requirements. Contact us for more information.
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