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Growth 360's Credentials

Growth 360 is an established company that has been round for 10 years. The people that work with and for this organisation are all professionals with extensive experience in their field. We are experts in assessing & analysing management and leadership behaviour as we have worked with leaders of all levels from different industries.
Growth 360 has presence in Johannesburg, Pretoria, North West Province, Limpopo,Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein.
We work under the ethical and integrity banners of the Health Professions Council of SA and the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychologists and in some instances the Lawy Society of South Africa.
Some of our clients include:

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“Georgia is an exceptional mentor and colleague.  She always conducts herself professionally and with the highest degree of integrity.  Georgia has a wealth of knowledge and experience and will always put the wellbeing of the business and its people first.  Her interventions and advice is well thought through.  I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Georgia.  It was my greatest learning experience and a great guide on being an exceptional Industrial Psychologist.”

Luiza Dehrman
LD Consulting
Georgia Stylianou was contracted in 2012 by Sun International to work on a project that was rolled out in 13 casino’s across 9 Provinces over a 3 year period.
Georgia handled the Change Management aspect of the project for us and was efficient, thorough and had a hands-on approach.  Her forward planning ensured clear communication ahead of time to all relevant staff and therefore resulted in the successful adoption and realization of the change we were implementing. She proved to be a hard worker and her care for people contributed to the success of this project.
Ruben Gooranah |  Regional General Manager
Sun International Central Office

During my time at Standard Bank, I had the privilege of working with Georgia for 4 years on the design and implementation of a holistic “People Programme” specifically aimed at Standard Bank Cash Shared Services employees.  Applying her wealth of psychological expertise and experience together with her extraordinary empathy for people, Georgia was instrumental in identifying specific areas within the business that required intense interventions through a series of facilitated surveys, interviews and group discussions.  
She also designed well thought out initiatives to uplift, empower and socially educate staff in order for them to better maximise on a healthy lifestyle.  The “People Programme” she designed spoke to all employees across all diverse cultures and generations.  She was very active in ensuring that the initiatives and interventions were sustained and conducted a number of dip stick surveys to evaluate that the well-being of employees was not being compromised.
I would happily work with Georgia in the future.  In a very digital, challenging, results driven work culture, Georgia’s tireless passion to ensure that the human element is not forgotten is truly an inspiration.

Caroline Anderson
Project Manager – SBSA CSS People Programme (March 2014 to June 2017)
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